What Are We Up To?

Jun 132017

Belinda traveled to Panama City to speak at the Architecture & Engineering STEM Camp on Sunday, June 11th. Her presentation gave insight to our firm’s beliefs and goals, the power of small towns and their ability to inspire, and how architecture can see beauty in our history and hope in our future.






May 162017

Belinda had the honor of presenting the 27th annual Dr. Williams L. and Jean P. Giles Memorial Lecture which was the final lecture of the Harrison Lecture series hosted by the School of Architecture at Mississippi State University on May 5th, 2017. Her lecture focused on the importance of being a Good Citizen Architect – recognizing the unique vernacular of each individual place and honoring and celebrating that in design – and going beyond design to find ways to help enable people to bring their projects to reality. The lecture distilled her ideas and beliefs on how we can better our community not just as architects, but as individuals. 

The lecture was presented in front of the 2017 graduating class of the School of Architecture. She encouraged the graduates to find their individual path, doing what you love, in a place you love, and for places you love. 


May 152017

Belinda Stewart Architects is proud to congratulate Landon Voller, AIA, for earning his architectural licensure in the state of Mississippi. A registered architect after completion of a professional Architecture degree program must complete an internship and pass an extensive series of exams in the United States in order to become a licensed architect. Belinda Stewart Architects, PA celebrates Landon and his achievement.

Landon is a 2008 graduate of Mississippi State University School of Architecture and also holds a degree in English from Mississippi College. Since finishing his education, Landon has worked on a variety of projects at other firms in Columbus, MS and Knoxville, TN. He also has benefited from working several years as a carpenter for Darwin Holliman Construction, where he worked on projects ranging from metal buildings to high-end custom homes and historic restoration work. This diverse experience enables Landon to approach projects from the perspective of both designer and builder.


Mar 312017

Phase 1 of the Cotesworth House Restoration was recently completed in Carrollton, Mississippi. We were excited to take part in the investigation of home to develop phased restoration plans for the exterior, interior, library, and the surrounding site. We look forward to seeing this property provide informative and memorable experiences for visitors of this house museum and educational center.

The Cotesworth House in Carrollton, Mississippi was the home of one of Mississippi’s most distinguished citizens, United States Senator James Zachariah George. J.Z. George is one of two Mississippians to be honored with representation in the Statuary Hall of the United States Capitol. Known for his efforts to restore government in Mississippi after the Civil War and for protecting the interests of the common man, George was nicknamed “The Great Commoner”. His home in Carrollton, MS is a great example of regional Greek Revival architecture as well as a historically significant structure. The detached library is reminiscent of Thomas Jefferson’s scheme for the University of Virginia library with its domed ceiling and radiating bookcases, many of which still contain J.Z. George’s personal books and records of his time in the U.S. Senate.

As well as being apart of Mississippi’s political history, the Cotesworth House was one of the film locations for the 2011 movie The Help. In the movie, Celia Foote and her husband live in the luxurious inn-turned-private residence. For more information about the movie and other film locations, here are a few websites.

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