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With all projects the client is our partner in the process – we seek solutions, investigate options and work to make a positive difference in their surroundings. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of architectural preservation and rehabilitation concepts, applying these critical thinking skills to our new construction projects as well.

We are celebrating 30+ successful years in Eupora, MS. Over the years, our excellence has awarded us with 100+ design and preservation awards from several Mississippi entities. The breadth of knowledge within our office affords us the ability to provide full architectural and engineering services for many different types of projects including: rehabilitation and restoration construction, existing and new construction, courthouses and other related government projects, education buildings, museums, private residences, businesses, religious buildings, theaters, depots, feasibility assessments and community/downtown development for communities throughout Mississippi.


We have extensive experience with historic and existing structures. We believe that the key to working with these significant facilities is spending the time to get to know everything about the building. We are always mindful of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines, taking into consideration economic and technical feasibility. To have a successful preservation project, we follow these simple but challenging guidelines. When approaching a new project we want to know the operational, maintenance and functional changes / processes throughout the life of the building including what your dreams and aspirations for the building might be. With this thorough knowledge of your facility we are able to help guide the preservation process throughout the full project.


Interior Architecture is an important part of our design process and one of the many design elements that make a project full and effective. We start with identification and analysis of the existing details, materials and structure. Our goal is to sensitively incorporate fresh materials, finishes, furnishings, lighting and artwork to meet the specified project goals and enhance the user experience within the spaces. We take care with existing details to make sure that new finish installations are cohesive and well executed. Our goal is to design a quality interior that will meet our client’s expectations and positively engage with the people who use the spaces.

Grant Writing

We provide assistance with seeking grants and miscellaneous funding assistance. Many of our clients have needed financial assistance to proceed with their project. We have been successful in identifying and successfully obtaining millions of dollars in project funding assistance throughout the years.

Downtown and Community Development

We are located in a rural community. Actively seeking to help similar communities identify and celebrate their unique built heritage and character, believing that one of the most important aspects of downtown and community is that character defined by the built environment.

Many of our projects have included the restoration and rehabilitation of the key character defining structures in a community. Part of our mission is to help identify and enable the best and most sustainable use for a community’s structures – in accordance with their vision and potential. This work has been provided in a variety of ways including grant/funding assistance, feasibility studies, historic preservation of specific structures and new contextual construction celebrating the community’s character.

Practical Sustainability

Belinda Stewart Architects embraces the pursuit of energy efficiency and sustainability in a practical way. We believe that green building concepts and good building design work hand in hand, to create the most sustainable, practical and best designed building possible.


  • Building Orientation – Passive solar where possible; including practical building orientation & glazing, natural shading and ventilation
  • HVAC issues – highly efficient systems / geothermal / heat recovery wheels / point of use hot water heaters / Indoor Air Quality
  • Building Envelope – Insulation / Moisture control Landscaping with native and drought resistant plants
  • Insulation – added where practical
  • High quality / low maintenance materials – will not require immediate replacement
  • Reuse – of existing materials where practical (embodied energy)
  • Salvaged material – use when practical
  • Locally manufactured products – where possible (less fuel needed for transport)
  • Landscaping – native and drought resistant plans

Existing Facilities Studies

BSA regularly provides Existing Facilities Reports and Recommendations and/or Historic Structures Reports. This is a great opportunity to have a detailed look at a significant historic structure.

The process includes a thorough analysis of the facility, describing the significance, description and condition of the structure and its components, with prioritized recommendations outlining the work needed, approximate costs and phasing possibilities. Simultaneously the needs of the potential users of the facility are defined and analyzed. Preliminary floor plans and design sketches are typically provided showing how the users might fit into the structure.

The scope of these services vary somewhat depending on the needs of the user, the size, location and condition of the structure and the resulting information needs. Engineers and other consultants are included in the scope of work as needed.

A written report is typically provided outlining the findings and recommendations. A formal presentation of the findings/recommendations is also typically provided.

“the greenest building is … one that is already built”

— Carl Elefante




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