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GB&T Bank, Greenwood, Mississippi

We knew the original vault was intact, but little did we know that the surrounding original glazed brick was also! It was hiding behind drywall waiting to be found like a treasure trove. We also kept the original floor tile and “caryatid” wall figures that were unique characteristics of the historic building – the glass […]

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Downtown Okolona

We are not typically fans of only keeping the facades of buildings without also keeping the other historic parts of the building, but occasionally this is the best way forward. Downtown Okolona has had several devastating losses to their historic downtown area. When a downtown bank building collapsed a few years ago, it structurally and […]

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Bolivar County Volunteer Fire Station

While we are known for restoring courthouses and depots, we do love a new construction project. We are honored to be a part of this project to provide a new station to serve the Bolivar County Volunteer Fire Fighters well who serve their community well! This particular progress site visit included reviewing rebar before the […]

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Preservation Month Awareness

Preservation Month Awareness: #8 of “31 Ways to Celebrate Preservation Month” – Represent the #THISPLACEMATTERS movement! https://savingplaces.org/…/31-ways-to-celebrate-preservatio… The Walthall Courthouse Square Park is the wonderful and hard-fought result of the most devastating event to happen to this community – the 2013 burning of the historic Webster County Courthouse. The local county politicians chose to demolish […]

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Face Masks

Our local nursing home needed masks and asked for people to make them at home. They even posted a tutorial on the kind of mask to make. A few of us dusted off our sewing machines to help. If you are interested in making masks for your family or your local healthcare workers, here is […]

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Small Town. Big Hearts.

What started off as a small idea to show support for our local healthcare workers has grown into a big community effort in order to provide free meals as a “thank you” to those who are putting themselves on the line, our #HOMETOWNHEROES! This is the second week that free meals have been provided for […]

Candidacy Speeches

AIA recently released footage of the candidates speeches at AIA Grassroots earlier this year. See Belinda’s here. It seems ages ago that we were visiting, learning and socializing together in New Orleans. Unbelievable that it was only 7 weeks ago. We are living in unprecedented times – with challenges and restrictions that we don’t usually […]

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Thank You!

Our BSA #buildthanks to those who are putting themselves at risk to save us all. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♥️

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Our Community

We are so proud of our community for how they have come together to show hope and resilience in the face of this pandemic. Our local librarian is offering curbside service and we wanted to give back by donating two books that teach children something that we at BSA believe in and work by, “There’s […]

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Our COVID-19 Response

Dear Friends, We want you, our clients and colleagues, to know that we are still here for you. Our Belinda Stewart Architects team has prepared for this current pandemic situation and the majority of our team are working remotely as we monitor and follow the recommendations of our state officials and the CDC. We have […]

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Social Distancing

How we are making it through this time of social distancing: Splitting our staff between the BSA Main Office, BSA Interiors Office, and home Using Zoom to bring us all together again (virtually). We had our first Zoom meeting this morning and there were quite a few laughs while we got the hang of it, […]




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