Celebrating 30 Years with 30 Projects – Part I

Since kicking off our 30th Anniversary last August, we have been diving into the archives to showcase some of our former BSA projects. These projects range from residential to county courthouses to academic buildings and beyond – all unique and with their own story to tell. We are so grateful to have helped tell these […]

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“In A Mississippi Minute” with Steve Azar

A few weeks ago, Belinda was featured on Steve Azar’s radio show, “In A Mississippi Minute.” Their conversation covered everything from architecture in Mississippi to music to a shared love of storytelling and how integral it has been in their respective career journeys. If you missed the episode live, no worries. Check it out on SuperTalk […]

  • Monograph mock up – debossed 2

The Citizen Architect Coming Soon…

During our 30th Anniversary, we have been busy creating a monograph – The Citizen Architect –  that allows you to step into our world. This book encompasses cherished stories of Belinda’s journey to and through architecture and the projects that have helped shape all of us at Belinda Stewart Architects, PA over the last thirty […]

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Rosalie Mansion

What an honor it is to have the opportunity to work on this beauty, Rosalie. The mansion is currently closed, but once open it is worth a visit to learn of its uniqueness and historical significance to Natchez.

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Bank of Kilmichael Renovation and Restoration

Let’s start the week off with a fun Before and After: Bank of Kilmichael Renovation and Restoration in their hometown, Kilmichael, MS. The historic square of Downtown Kilmichael, like many Mississippi small towns, was lost to time. It is slowly being rediscovered by those who remember it as it once was and hope to see […]

Jackson, Mississippi

“Being in this pivotal moment of having to redefine what makes a community, and what community means to us, we can reclaim our sense of what matters and reconnect to the things that bring us together, rather than the things that keep us isolated. “I see people saying, ‘It may just be my corner of […]

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GB&T Bank, Greenwood, Mississippi

We knew the original vault was intact, but little did we know that the surrounding original glazed brick was also! It was hiding behind drywall waiting to be found like a treasure trove. We also kept the original floor tile and “caryatid” wall figures that were unique characteristics of the historic building – the glass […]

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  • Pre-Demolition
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Downtown Okolona

We are not typically fans of only keeping the facades of buildings without also keeping the other historic parts of the building, but occasionally this is the best way forward. Downtown Okolona has had several devastating losses to their historic downtown area. When a downtown bank building collapsed a few years ago, it structurally and […]

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Bolivar County Volunteer Fire Station

While we are known for restoring courthouses and depots, we do love a new construction project. We are honored to be a part of this project to provide a new station to serve the Bolivar County Volunteer Fire Fighters well who serve their community well! This particular progress site visit included reviewing rebar before the […]




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