Madison County Courthouse Exterior Restoration
Project Location: Canton, Mississippi
Client: Madison County Board of Supervisors
Date Completed: 2017

The Madison County Courthouse, one of seven pre-Civil War courthouses remaining in Mississippi, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and as a Mississippi Landmark. It is exemplary in its basically unaltered condition and use of major Greek Revival elements. It is the grounds of the Courthouse Square are crossed by concrete paths and are casually landscaped with several large oaks and magnolias. Encircling the perimeter of the square is a cast iron fence erected in 1858 and manufactured by T. T. Baker of Cincinnati. The Courthouse occupies the center of the square, which is one of the finest architectural groupings in Mississippi of a central courthouse and square surrounded on four sides by commercial buildings Work on this project began with an Existing Facilities Report, with a focus on chronic moisture intrusion. The first phase of work addressed the exterior restoration, including envelope issues contributing to this issue, HVAC controls and repair of interior moisture damage. Subsequent phases include the planning for reconstruction of the Courtroom and repair and restoration of the Cupola and roof.