Chapel of Memories Carillon Tower Repair, Stabilization & Restoration
Project Location: Mississippi State, Mississippi
Client: Mississippi State University
Date Completed: 1999

The Carillon Tower at the Chapel of Memories, was designed and constructed in 1964 using brick salvaged from the Old Main dormitory which burned in 1959. The brick masonry on the Tower was in serious need of stabilization and restoration when this project began. The University had stopped ringing the bells on a regular basis due to the unstable condition of the masonry. The tower is constructed of a steel frame, with multiple concrete slabs at intermediate levels (as expressed by the brick banding), with two withes of brick masonry on the exterior.

This project began with an architectural and structural investigation of the tower to determine why the brick masonry had deteriorated so quickly.  The majority of the problems occurred because of water infiltration into the walls and framework of the tower.

The upper two levels of the brick walls were dismantled to provide access for the required repairs – and to allow for proper detailing of the masonry and flashing. Stud cabling was incorporated into the structure to lessen the movement of the tower.