Walthall Courthouse Square

Walthall Courthouse Square

The Walthall Courthouse Square Park is the wonderful and hard-fought result of the most devastating event to happen to this community – the 2013 Webster County Courthouse FIRE.  The local county politicians chose to demolish the courthouse remains and build a new structure on a different site.  Leaders of the Village of Walthall, with the […]

Madison County Courthouse Exterior Restoration

The Madison County Courthouse, one of seven pre-Civil War courthouses remaining in Mississippi, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and as a Mississippi Landmark. It is exemplary in its basically unaltered condition and use of major Greek Revival elements. It is the grounds of the Courthouse Square are crossed by concrete paths […]

Tallahatchie County Courthouse Restoration

The second district court facility in Tallahatchie County was the location of the 1955 Emmett Till murder trial. The murder, trial and subsequent display of his body in Chicago has been described by many as the “spark” of the civil rights movement in America.  Three months after his death, Rosa Parks stated that she thought […]

Bolivar County Courthouse Planning

An existing facilities review and preliminary design scope to focus on the needed repairs and the desired program to repair and restore the courthouse. Grant writing assistance has also been provided. In 2013 a water infiltration assessment of the current courthouse was performed and a report was completed for the county of our findings.

Quitman County Courthouse Restoration

The project began with planning assistance to review the condition and overall needs of the facility and to determine a phased scope of work for the buildings restoration. Full A/E services were provided for the restoration of the building’s exterior envelope.

Holmes County Courthouse Restoration

The project began with a structural assessment of the historic bell tower and related structure. During planning of the tower restoration, the courthouse was fire bombed. Services expanded to include emergency inspection services and planning of the full recovery and renovation. Full A/E services were provided for the repair and restoration of the areas damaged […]

Attala County Courthouse Portico Restoration

Services include architectural services to conduct a conditions analysis of the historic courthouse exterior and to design, document and provide construction administration services for the restoration of the entrance porticos – including the restoration and resurfacing of historic decorative terra cotta panels.

Pontotoc County Chancery Buildings

During exterior restoration of the Pontotoc County Courthouse the County Board of Supervisors recognized the need to expand the functions of the courthouse, without destroying the character of the courthouse or relocating from the historic court square.  Belinda Stewart Architects worked with the County to identify three vacant downtown buildings to house the Chancery Offices, […]

Simpson County Courthouse Exterior Restoration

The historic courthouse was designed by the same architect as Mississippi’s state capital and exhibits many simplified, but similar, configurations. The project began with a conditions assessment of the exterior of the facility and a review of moisture related issues throughout the site and facility. A/E services were provided to restore the exterior of the […]

Bolivar County Courthouse Stabilization and Restoration

Bolivar County Courthouse is located in Rosedale’s historic downtown which at one time thrived with growth and culture. Over the years, the character of the downtown along with the courthouse diminished. The courthouse had become stained, weathered and as the water table dropped the foundations became unstable causing portions of the building to settle and […]

Marshall County Courthouse Master Planning

The Marshall County Courthouse was originally constructed prior to the civil war.   Major renovations occurred in the early twentieth century to enlarge the facility and upgrade the structural systems.  Services included an existing facilities review and master planning and preliminary design studies to review options for improving the court functions to meet current requirements and […]

Yalobusha County Courthouse Restoration

As part of a larger project to restore both historic courthouses in Yalobusha County, the Water Valley Courthouse began with a structural evaluation and existing facilities report. An initial structural mitigation project was undertaken while the design and documentation work was being completed for the full restoration. An energy audit and feasibility study was completed […]




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