Historic Canton High School Rehabilitation

Historic Canton High School Rehabilitation

The Historic Canton High School building is a Mississippi Landmark and individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. After sitting vacant for many years and through continued hopeful planning for adaptive reuse and maintenance projects, a development project was born through the partnership of the preservation architect and the developer. Its masonry facade […]

Walthall Courthouse Square

The Walthall Courthouse Square Park is the wonderful and hard-fought result of the most devastating event to happen to this community – the 2013 Webster County Courthouse FIRE.  The local county politicians chose to demolish the courthouse remains and build a new structure on a different site.  Leaders of the Village of Walthall, with the […]

The Mason Boutique Hotel

Louisville, a town in bloom, is using historic building’s like this project to support the current downtown revitalization efforts. Louisville has an intact primarily linear downtown area and the Masonic Temple is the anchor near the east end of the commercial area. When the local Masons decided to sell their historic lodge, built in 1922, […]

Tallahatchie County Courthouse Restoration

The second district court facility in Tallahatchie County was the location of the 1955 Emmett Till murder trial. The murder, trial and subsequent display of his body in Chicago has been described by many as the “spark” of the civil rights movement in America.  Three months after his death, Rosa Parks stated that she thought […]

Walthall Baptist Church Addition

The Walthall Baptist Church has evolved and grown over the last couple of decades. An educational wing and multi-purpose facility were added in 1992, and a sanctuary was added in 2004. The new traditional sanctuary is designed to seat 350 people on the main floor with a choir of 50, and a balcony area to […]

Highland Baptist Church

Highland Baptist Church is an expanding church community that dates back to the 1950s. With their former sanctuary idle for much of the year, the church came to BSA with the hope of transforming their chapel into new church offices while maintaining its original character. The new offices are located on both the main floor […]

Eupora First Baptist Church Renovation

The sanctuary had been renovated in 1983, which included removal of many of the character giving elements and essentially had not been modified since that time. This project addressed not only sanctuary upgrades but the overall heating and air infrastructure of the church, exterior moisture related repairs, lighting, energy efficiency and other aesthetic and audio/visual […]

The Church of the Holy Trinity Episcopal

The scope of work included a Master Plan for the entire facility with programming needs of the congregation into three schemes to project needs over 15 year period. Recommendations were divided into three phases: Phase I – exterior restoration of the existing building to prevent moisture infiltration and further deterioration. Exterior lighting of the historic […]

Rowan Oak

Rowan Oak was originally constructed between 1844 and 1848 by the Sheegog family.  It passed through the Bailey family hands until William Faulker purchased it for $6,000 on April 12, 1930.  The house was originally configured in a L shape.  Kitchen, Pantry and Rear additions were made by the Baileys and Faulkners.  The Sheegog Family […]

Walton Young House

The Walton-Young (Stark-Young) house was originally constructed in 1880 and was registered as a Mississippi Landmark in July of 1992. The home is a 2-story structure with a partial basement/cellar and was constructed in the Queen Anne style. The structure served as a residence for various families and as a parsonage until the University of […]

Amzie Moore House Restoration

Bolivar County wanted to preserve its history and saw the home of Amzie Moore standing vacant and in need of repair. The County took on the project and received grant money from MDAH to restore the building and make the home an interpretive museum. Amzie Moore was a leader “a civil rights giant” in the […]




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