Historic YMCA Building Renovation

Historic YMCA Building Renovation

History In 1914 John D. Rockefeller challenged the students of Mississippi State University to build their own space on campus, the YMCA, by donating $40,000 and asking them to raise the remaining $20,000. Dr. W.A. Weatherford, an official of the Southern Area YMCA, came to the university, organized the students, and led the fundraising campaign. […]

Tallahatchie County Courthouse Restoration

The second district court facility in Tallahatchie County was the location of the 1955 Emmett Till murder trial. The murder, trial and subsequent display of his body in Chicago has been described by many as the “spark” of the civil rights movement in America.  Three months after his death, Rosa Parks stated that she thought […]

Louisville First United Methodist Church

This project began with a review of the systems serving the sanctuary including the HVAC, Electrical and Sound Systems.  The system upgrades were provide with sensitivity to the operation of the Sanctuary, energy efficiency and a spruce up of the interior paint.

Mississippi State Hospital Campus

The Mississippi State Hospital campus, designed by NW Overstreet, architect, and HC Muskopf, landscape architect, and originally containing more than 100 structures, was constructed between 1926 and 1935. The Colonial Revival style of the campus extends throughout the original and early buildings. After working with the hospital on several historic building restoration and rehabilitation projects, […]

Mississippi River Commission

Belinda Stewart Architects is the Preservation Specialist for the Mississippi River Commission (PDS), including services for providing the building preservation plan, historic window analysis, general assistance, and all associated assessments, recommendations, and development for those portions of the Statement of Work for the Program Development Study. The historic building was constructed in 1894 and is […]

Cotesworth House Restoration

Phase 1 of the Cotesworth House Restoration was recently completed in Carrollton, Mississippi.  We were excited to take part in the investigation of home to develop phased restoration plans for the exterior, interior, library, and the surrounding site.  We look forward to seeing this property provide informative and memorable experiences for visitors of this house […]

Rowan Oak

Rowan Oak was originally constructed between 1844 and 1848 by the Sheegog family.  It passed through the Bailey family hands until William Faulker purchased it for $6,000 on April 12, 1930.  The house was originally configured in a L shape.  Kitchen, Pantry and Rear additions were made by the Baileys and Faulkners.  The Sheegog Family […]

Simpson County Courthouse Exterior Restoration

The historic courthouse was designed by the same architect as Mississippi’s state capital and exhibits many simplified, but similar, configurations. The project began with a conditions assessment of the exterior of the facility and a review of moisture related issues throughout the site and facility. A/E services were provided to restore the exterior of the […]

Bay St. Louis Historic City Hall

Built in 1905 the Historic Bay Saint Louis City Hall is one of the older commercial buildings in the city, surviving Hurricane Katrina damaged but still intact.  The City recognized the historical value in the building and began an exterior rehabilitation project.  The City of Bay Saint Louis envisioned a new use as a community […]

Bay St. Louis Boys and Girls Club Teen Center

The Boys and Girls Club Teen Center of Bay St. Louis is located in the formerVo-TechBuildingof theHistoricVelenaC.JonesSchoolbuilt in 1956 which original housed homemaking classes and a large open garage space for Auto Shop.  This 4,700 square foot renovation honors the original garage and classroom space modified to fit the needs of the Teenagers attending the […]

ECCC Founders Gymnasium Master Planning & Facilities Study

The original Founders’ Gymnasium was constructed in the 1930’s and is the oldest remaining building on the East Central Community College’s Campus. The Gymnasium served as a home to military functions, sporting events, cultural, and social events until it closed in the 1990’s. Several top athletes and coaches made their debut in this building and […]

Bay St. Louis Depot

The Bay St. Louis Depot, constructed circa 1928 by the L&N railroad company as a passenger depot, is the centerpiece of the beautiful historic Depot District of Bay St. Louis. The primary scope of work for the project involved restoration of the exterior envelope including stucco, masonry, steel windows and doors. Additional areas of work […]




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