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  • Jackson Zoo Exhibits
  • Jackson Zoo Exhibits
  • Jackson Zoo Exhibits
  • Jackson Zoo Exhibits
  • Jackson Zoo Exhibits

Jackson Zoo Exhibits

The new Asian Tiger Exhibit for the Jackson Zoo is a project that focused on a new exhibit area, renovations of an existing exhibit area, holding building for the tigers and a new Asian inspired viewing pavilion.

The 10,000sqft Tiger Exhibit consists of a pool, a simulated rock wall based on the natural habitat of the Sumatran Tiger, and exhibit enclosure.  Special fencing and netting were used to create a sense of lessened captivity. Plants were added that heightened the sense of Asia while easily be maintainable in Mississippi.

The holding area for the Tigers includes five bedrooms with sliding doors in between each room for optional interaction between the tigers, a shift run with veterinarian enclosure area, and an outdoor holding area for tiger separation as needed.

The viewing pavilion includes two large pieces of glass for up close nose-to-nose viewing with the tigers while providing shade for the exhibit and one can find a tiger or two sitting below the glass for viewing pleasure.

*Completed Worked:
Orangutan-Back of House Renovation & Red Panda Exhibit.

*Coming Soon:
Rhino Barn Renovations, Amphitheater Renovations & Discovery Zone Renovation.

Project Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Client: Jackson Zoo
Date Completed: 2010
Strand TheaterStrand Theater - Mayor DraftWhite's Creek Park PavilionWhite’s Creek Park Pavilion




61 N. Dunn Street
P.O. Box 867
Eupora, MS 39744


662.258.6452 FAX


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