Dec 122016

The 2016 Christmas Postcard is in circulation!  This year we decided to share one of Belinda’s favorite buildings in Webster County – the Hays Barn.  Belinda and Genene (Genene Johnston P.E) played in the barn as kids and it has been a favorite stop on any Webster County driving tour we have given.  The Barn is “part of the family” and will be shown more this next year with the recent building project on the adjacent property.

The information on the back of the card reads:

“W. A.  Hays, known as “Uncle Billy” , operated a gin,  sawmill, and gristmill for fifty years in Walthall, MS. A peculiar characteristic of his sawmill life was that he would have no other color of oxen but red. The house, built prior to the civil war, once stood in front of the barn. It was not built of logs, but the room sizes and features were similar to that of a log home. The barn was  built around the turn of the century and is structurally significant because of the cantilevered wings on all four sides. It is now accompanied by the newly built Hawkins Farmhouse.”

As always, we are looking for photographs to use for next year’s postcard, so if you have Webster County History you would like to share, please let us know.