Nov 292017

Mississippi Celebrates Architecture was a resounding success this year – with extraordinary presenters covering beautiful and sensitive work. AIA’s CEO and Mississippi native Robert Ivy was inspiring, updating us on the many important initiatives and efforts to raise the visibility of architects that are underway at AIA National.

North Carolina architect Frank Harmon inspired us to sketch more and to therefore see more. Drawing allows us to see things we never noticed before, and to see that the nuances of everyday things all carry a message about how we inhabit our place. He spent some extra time with Belinda discovering and sketching architecture and unique places in the Jackson area. Highlights of the excursion included a visit to the State Capital, Eudora Welty’s home and to the MS River Basin model site in Clinton.

Other inspirational speakers included Roy Decker and Emily Roush-Elliott – with wonderful examples of work with neighborhoods in need.