Sep 072012

ARTIFACTS Exhibit Poster

Unbeknownst to many there is a marvelously old and enchanting piece of land right in our backyard. Located near Eupora in Webster County MS is what is known as “Old Cove” a 350 acre piece of land that is now owned by Weyerhaeuser and has been identified as a protected “Special Places Area” by Weyerhaeuser and Mississippi’s chapter of The Nature Conservatory. A Special Places management plan was developed and some research done by the Mississippi Nature Conservancy and Mississippi State University to help identify the vast array of rare plants and animals living in this area.

“The cove habitats support many species not found in other types of forested habitats. By determining the different species that inhabit the coves, we can learn more about conserving these unique communities,” said Jeanne Jones, wildlife and fisheries professor. “The cove habitats, in combination with managed pine forests and streamside management zones, support many animal and plant species.” (Quote taken from an article in The Webster Progress)

This 350 acre plot of land is probably the hardest 350 acre piece of land to find if one does not already know the way. It is sunken approximately 100-150 feet below the surrounding landscape with “a stream that meanders through the floor of Old Cove.” (Quote taken from WLBT story 03-04-11)

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