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Dendrochronology is the scientific method of dating tree rings to the exact year they were formed. We had the opportunity to work with a team from Southern Mississippi that specializes in dendrochronology at one of our project sites to determine the age of the logs used in the construction of this log house.

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Wonder Women

We came across an old article worth sharing again! Click here and flip to page 47 for “Wonder Women” by Joy Lavallee for the Spring 2019 issue of Elevation, the Journal of the Mississippi Heritage Trust.

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Quitman County Courthouse

Sam and our intern Alex visited the Quitman County Courthouse and have a few neat finds to share with you: Evidence of a pre-existing balcony in the courtroom. Drop ceiling hiding the beautiful and original pressed tin ceiling (which is the case quite frequently; drop ceilings hiding something original to the building). Evidence of pre-existing […]

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Intern Lunch

Intern lunch with two of our leaders, Belinda and Holly, to discuss client support and development – because our clients are one of the reasons our work is so important and rewarding!

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Simpson County Courthouse

Have you ever driven by a building and thought, “I wonder what it looks like inside..”? Well here is a peak inside the cupolas of the Simpson County Courthouse! Craig found the old bell, the weights for it, the old clock faces, and an old trunk stashed away. The structure is beautifully crafted and how […]

Gone To Texas

  Our Texas people love the Mississippi Delta landscape because it reminds them of their “first home”. Holly and Stephanie were surprised to learn about the history connecting Mississippi and Texas in the Panic of 1819 when Mississippians (and Southerners in General) began leaving their homes to escape creditors. They would chalk GTT (Gone To […]

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Mobile National Cemetery

We love that we get to investigate historic buildings and be a part of their continued life span. This 1881 second empire superintendent’s lodge is a great example of the Quartermaster General of the Army, Montgomery C. Meigs, favored plan. Mobile, AL

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Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall

Many times we find ourselves traveling the Natchez Trace enroute to a project, and when given the chance, make a stop to experience the wonders along the way. One of which is the Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall (Te-lah-nay’s Wall) built by Tom Hendrix over a span of 30 years in honor of his great-great-grandmother, Te-lah-nay. […]

Rosalie Mansion

  Stephanie and Sam visited Rosalie in Natchez, MS to take drone footage of the grounds as part of their Sidewalk – Access project. Using the drone, they will be able to virtually “revisit” the site with more context of existing conditions and patterns than one could with simply still shots. We typically use drones […]

Bolivar County Volunteer Fire Station

  We are looking forward to Construction on the new County Volunteer Fire Station in Bolivar County. We developed these renderings to communicate potential material selection and overall appearance so our client could really “see” their options and make a decision with 100% confidence.




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