Jan 182013

This has been a very sad day for the Village of Walthall. It has also been a blessed day because of all of the folks, agencies, neighboring counties and communities — and many more – who have given their time and talents and assistance to help save as much as possible of our historic Webster County Courthouse.

The most important blessing is that no one was hurt! And – that ALL of our county records are intact!

Thank you to everyone for your help, your prayers and your confidence that we can bring our landmark back from the ashes!

– Village of Walthall (Facebook Page)

‘This Place Matters’ – National Trust for Historic Preservation

We know that this building matters! So we wanted to share this image of our landmark with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. To see a photo of the BSA team click the link below to view it and other places around the world that Matter!

This Place Matters – National Trust for Historic Preservation