Oct 042012

Congratulations to 2012 Homecoming Court of Eupora High School!

Homecoming set for October 5, 2012

7th Grade Maids

Sidney Bailey and Rachel Gray

8th Grade Maids

Greer Blaylock and Kaelyn Mitchell

9th Grade Maids

Kaijah (Ke-Ke) Evans and Taylor South

10th Grade Maids

Makenna Gammel and Madison Hawkins

11th Grade Maids

Mary Katherine Brister and Danielle Womack

12th Grade Maids

Katie Bailey, Ashleigh Berryhlll, Kayla Narmour, and Madison Smith

We are looking forward to the annual homecoming parade that passes by our office yearly.









1972 – Homecoming float in front of elementary school.














Eupora Eagle mascot walking down Dunn St. in what looks like another homecoming parade.