Immanuel Episcopal Church

  • Immanuel Episcopal Church
  • Immanuel Episcopal Church
  • Immanuel Episcopal Church
  • Immanuel Episcopal Church
  • Immanuel Episcopal Church
  • Immanuel Episcopal Church

Immanuel Episcopal Church

Immanuel Church is a one-story Gothic Revival church building of brick construction with a slate roof, built in 1909. It is an excellent example of a small-town Gothic Revival church from the first decade of the twentieth century. It retains all of its original structure, windows, and interior fittings including woodwork, floors, pews, organ and alter furniture. It is located on the main thoroughfare leading to downtown Winona. Located on a shady corner lot, it provides a strong historic image and heritage for the City. The building was created and remains to serve the communities’ spiritual education and fellowship needs. Immanuel Church was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005 and was described as, “…essentially rectangular in shape, oriented along a north-south axis, and is covered by a steeply pitched gabled roof. Small gable-roofed transepts extend from the east and west sides of the building, and a gabled chancel extends to the north, giving the building a generally cruciform floor plan. A tower, square in plan and surmounted by an octagonal spire, projects westward from the southwest corner of the nave. The church retains a very high degree of integrity throughout, including all of its original furniture and fixtures.”

The restoration of this church was divided into three phases of work. Phase One included full restoration and replacement of the original slate roofing, steeple and associated flashings. Phase Two included masonry tuckpointing, interior plaster restoration, painting, electrical upgrades and new historically appropriate carpeting based upon one existing original kneeling bench tapestry. Phase Three included the original windows being repaired. A large stained glass window on the south façade reportedly is the chancel window from the original 1875 church.

In-house Grant writing services provided approximately 80% of the budget.


photographs by: Eric Schoondergang

Project Location: Winona, Mississippi
Client: Friends of Immanuel Church
Date Completed: 2013
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61 N. Dunn Street
P.O. Box 867
Eupora, MS 39744


662.258.6452 FAX


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