Oxford Depot Renovation

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Oxford Depot Renovation

The Oxford Depot building was in very poor condition requiring new cedar shingle roofing and restoration of the 3 wythe thick, load bearing, brick masonry walls and foundation. The original 2” thick flooring boards were planed and reinstalled. The site was designed to typical historic details and for visual connection to the train tracks and the campus of the University of Mississippi. The south-end overhang and loading dock had been removed over time and were reinstalled using information from historic photographs.  The wood freight doors were restored and new wood/glass doors were installed in the existing openings. Exterior wood bracket details were restored and duplicated for the new south-end. The interior of the building consisted of a freight area and office space.  The freight area bathrooms, kitchen and storage area were finished in antique heart pine. The gallery hall spaces around the bathroom areas are equipped with hanging rails for artwork display. The freight area is a multi-use area with access to the loading docks for spill-over space.  The interior masonry wall surfaces were cleaned taking care not to remove the original writings. The office space was subdivided with beaded board walls to match the existing finishes and to provide a meeting room, and two office spaces.  The existing interior windows were fully restored giving visual access from the freight area to the office spaces.  New antique heart pine and glass doors were designed in reference to the existing decorative office door.

Project Location: Oxford, Mississippi
Client: The University of Mississippi
Date Completed: 2003
Magnolia Depot Restoration & RehabilitationECCC Founders Gymnasium Master Planning & Facilities Study - GymECCC Founders Gymnasium Master Planning & Facilities Study




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