Mississippi State Hospital Campus

Mississippi State Hospital Campus

Project Location: Whitfield, Mississippi
Date Completed: In process

The Mississippi State Hospital campus, designed by NW Overstreet, architect, and HC Muskopf, landscape architect, and originally containing more than 100 structures, was constructed between 1926 and 1935. The Colonial Revival style of the campus extends throughout the original and early buildings.

After working with the hospital on several historic building restoration and rehabilitation projects, in 2016 we conducted a survey of all existing facilities, individual buildings, overall site, and potential usage of the main campus, comprised of more than 70 structures. Recommendation options were developed from the investigations to provide a future development plan that considers the historic significance of the campus along with the building use, pedestrian paths, parking density, historic landscapes, and potential future development for the sustainability of this significant campus. The plan also considered code requirements, hydrology analysis, and other use assessments.

Belinda Stewart Architects is currently conducting a preplanning study for the Forensics Building, including an analysis of the existing Forensics building and several other buildings on the Mississippi State Hospital campus to help determine the best option for an upgraded or new Forensics facility. A campus window restoration/replacement project is also underway.

The 2016 Strategic Use Plan was based upon the use, conditions, and needs of the Mississippi State Hospital main historic campus. Each individual structure was surveyed and analyzed, as well as the campus’ overall systems. The plan also considered future use potential and possible funding sources. A hierarchic coding system was developed based on the condition, use and historic significance of each building/element. This coding helped guide the recommendations regarding the future repair, restoration and rehabilitation goals for the campus. Due to changes in the methods of mental health treatment, the campus is larger than is currently needed. This study helps provide a road map for consolidation and better use of the existing facilities. Options for alternative uses in portions of the campus also were developed.

The campus is currently comprised of more than 100 buildings with a total square footage exceeding 850,000 square feet. The 175 Strategic Plan document outlines every building on the main campus, providing images, annotated plans, descriptions and recommendations. Overall recommendations are also included including parking, systems, drainage, historic significance, land use / identification of new building sites, pedestrian and vehicular circulation.




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